Museums & Festivals

The Olive Tree Museum Tour - Imperia

This is a unique museum in the whole world dedicated to the history of the olive tree, which is so synonymous with this area. It was founded to honour and praise the olive, which has blessed the birth of successive civilisations of the Mediterranean coast. Of particular interest is the room showing the trading routes of the olive oil which in ancient times opened up the whole of the Mediterranean. The exhibits come from many different places and are part of the Carli family who own the brand name of the well respected olive oil. The museum will stimulate the visitor and inspire a feeling for the history of this amazing tree whose praises are sung by the old Testament, the new Testament and the Koran, by Homer, Virgil, Dante, D'Annunzio, Pascoli and many other writers.

The Olive tree museum is open to visitors every day except Tuesday. Entrance is free. Written and audio guides are available in Italian, German and English.

The Naval Museum Tour - Imperia

One of the most important maritime museums in Italy. Fourteen sections dedicated to every aspect of maritime life from map making to shipyards, etc.

The museum boasts the largest historical technical maritime library in Italy (currently being set up) with more than 115000 volumes at the disposal of students, scholars and enthusiasts. The museum will be relocated soon to much larger premises by Imperia's harbour.

Open Wednesday and Saturday.

Historic Olive Mill Visit

If you would like to visit an ancient local olive mill, and sample real "Extra Virgin Olive Oil", Liguria has a very long history in the cultivation of olives and the area has a very special variety: the "Taggiasca" cultivar, a small and particularly flavoursome olive from which high quality oil is produced in small quantities, renowned throughout the world.

The Saglietto Agriturismo in Poggi (Imperia) offers the visitor the following programme:

  • Visit to the old Mill with a talk on the virtues of extra virgin olive oil.
  • A full explaination of the process from harvest to pressing.
  • Afterwards there will be a brief explanation on how to recognize and taste oil from 3 different types.
  • An aperitif with the locally produced "Vermentino" wine (white) plus a very tasty selection of home made snacks typical of the area.

Visitors can buy any of the Agriturismo genuine products and the excellent 100% certified Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil.
Prices: 500ml 7.50 Euro, 750ml 10 Euro, 3l 30 Euro.
Products can be gift wrapped on request.

The Flower Festival of Corpus Domini

A truly spectacular flower festival held every June in all of the surrounding Riviera towns and villages: Diano Marina and Imperia hold the largest and most impressive displays. Hundreds of people work hard through the night to cover the roads and alleyways with beautiful patterns of flower petals often depicting religious themes. The effect at first light is both dazzling and touching. Different varieties of flowers cover the road forming splendid multi coloured patterns destined to be destroyed when the traditional procession passes over them and young children in white receive their first communion. A real must see!


The Imperia Vintage Sail Festival

Held in September every two years (2006, 2008 etc.), the Imperia Vintage Sail Festival is a result of the town's twinning with Rhode Island in the United States. This internationally important regatta attracts sail boats from around the world.

The Sanremo Flower and Music Festival

Held annually in late January and televised to the whole nation, the Sanremo Flower Festival is a testimony to the region's horticultural expertise and the mild winter climate that allows such a wide range of flowers to come into bloom so early in the year. Watch the procession of marching bands followed by floats built by a number of Ligurian towns.